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E1 E2 CLASSIC Style D Style OM Style J
A 420mm(16 17/32") lower bout body features deep, clear and quick responded bass.
The waist is designed very narrow wich makes brilliant and tight sound throughout bass to treble.
Also it fits your body comfortably.
This model's sides are laminated the same as the Style D and OM.
  • Body Length: 520mm
  • Body Width at Upper Bout: 290mm
  • Body Width at Lower Bout: 420mm
  • Body Depth at Top: 100mm
  • Body Depth at End: 125mm
  • Scale Length: 645mm
  • Neck Wdth at Nut: 44mm
  • Neck Width at 12th Fret: 56mm
  • Bridge Pin Spacing(E to E): 57mm
Style J cutaway model