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The air volume of Style D is the same as the ordinary dreadnought but its waist is a little bit tighter.
It makes the sound sensitive and nicely tight adding to dreadnought's wide and dynamic sound.
The sides of the guitar is laminated to reduce unnecessary body vibration.
Also the thickness of the soundboard and the shape of the braces are controled carefully.
As the result of these, the guitar has good balance, quick responce, rich overtones and long sustain.
You can get deep bass without amplifier and brilliant treble which makes you happy to play music.
  • Body Length: 520mm
  • Body Width at Upper Bout: 300mm
  • Body Width at Lower Bout: 410mm
  • Body Depth at Top: 100mm
  • Body Depth at End: 125mm
  • Scale Length: 645mm
  • Neck Wdth at Nut: 44mm
  • Neck Width at 12th Fret: 56mm
  • Bridge Pin Spacing(E to E): 57mm
Style D cutaway model